Approximately 20 people seated and standing behind a large table

Lab meeting, January 2020



Kathryn Davidson

Kathryn Davidson

Principal Investigator * Associate Professor of Linguistics at Harvard University

Current lab members


Johanna Alstott

Undergraduate student




Shannon Bryant

Graudate student






Twyla Kantor

Undergraduate student





Annemarie Kocab

Postdoctoral fellow





Sara Manning

Undergraduate student





Josh Martin

Graduate student




Tess Monk

Tess Monks

Graduate student




Jack Rabinovitch

Graduate student


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Giuseppe Ricciardi

Graduate student


Hayley Ross

Hayley Ross

Graduate student



Hande Sevgi

Graduate student




Nozomi Tomita

Graduate student (Gallaudet University)







Ethan Wilcox

Graduate student



Yuhan Zhang

Graduate student




Alumni and Visitors

Gunnar Lund (former graduate student, Harvard Linguistics)

Benazir Neree (former undergraduate, Harvard College)

Kate Henninger (former research assistant, M&M lab)

Aurore Gonzalez (former graduate student, Harvard Linguistics)

Yuyin He (former graduate student, Harvard Linguistics)

Dorothy Ahn (former graduate student, Harvard Linguistics)

Masoud Jasbi (former College Fellow, Harvard Linguistics)

Sadie Pate (former undergraduate, Harvard College)

Nicholas Sardella (former undergraduate, Harvard College)

Chrissy Zlogar (former graduate student, Harvard Linguistics)

Teodora Mihoc (former graduate student, Harvard Linguistics)

Alex Klapheke (former graduate student, Harvard Linguistics)

Taylor Joyce (former undergraduate student, Harvard College)

Aidan Connaughton (former undergraduate student, Harvard College)

Amy Morrisett (former undergraduate student, Harvard College)

Laine Stranahan (former graduate student, Harvard Linguistics)

Anna Alsop (former undergraduate student, Harvard College)

Hudson Chang (Intern, M&M lab)

Maya Chung (Undergraduate student, Harvard College)

Carina Kauf (Graduate student, Göttingen Linguistics)

Olivia Phillips (Undergraduate student, Harvard College)

Ronice Quadros (Professor, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)

Xinyi Zhang (former graduate student, Harvard Graduate School of Education)