Publications & Talks

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Under review & In press

  • Deanna Gagne, Kazumi Matsuoka, Uiko Yano, Jamie Conti, Allison Durkin, and Kathryn Davidson. Under review. Height expresses greater domains in cross-cultural gesture. [email for manuscript]
  • Davidson, Kathryn & Deanna Gagne. Under review. “More is up” for domain restriction in ASL. [paper] (non-final)
  • Christina Zlogar and Kathryn Davidson. In press. Effects of linguistic context on the acceptability of co-speech gestures, in Glossa. [paper] (non-final)
  • Davidson, Kathryn. In press. What belongs in the “logical core” of a language? Invited commentary on P. Schlenker, Visible Meaning: Sign Language and the Foundations of Semantics. Theoretical Linguistics. [paper]
  • Davidson, Kathryn. In press. Implicatures - Theoretical and experimental perspectives. In Josep Quer, Roland Pfau & Annika Herrmann (eds.), Theoretical and Experimental Sign Language Research. Routledge - Taylor and Francis Group. [paper]


  • Chrissy Zlogar, Anna Alsop, and Kathryn Davidson. Description and depiction in a reference game. Talk at XPrag: Experimental Pragmatics, Pavia Italy, May 30-June 1. [abstract]
  • Kathryn Davidson, Annemarie Kocab, Laura Wagner, and Andrea Sims. Verbal form and event structure in sign languages. Poster at Semantics And Linguistic Theory (SALT), MIT. May 18-20. [abstract]
  • Kathryn Davidson. Signs, speech, and gesture: integrating continuous and discrete representations into a single proposition. Invited talk at PLC 42, University of Pennsylvania. March 23-25.
  • Alexander Klapheke and Kathryn Davidson. NPI Intervention: Crosslinguistic Judgments. Talk at Linguistic Evidence 2018, Tübingen. February 15-17, 2018. [poster]
  • Koulidobrova, Elena & Kathryn Davidson. Attitude embedding predicates and indexicals under role shift in ASL, in Festschrift for Angelika Kratzer. [paper]
  • Aurore Gonzalez. Countability Distinctions without Linguistic Cues. Poster at ConSOLE 2018, London. February 14-16, 2018. [abstract]  [poster]
  • Anna Alsop, Laine Stranahan, and Kathryn Davidson. Testing Contrastive Inferences from Suprasegmental Features Using Offline Measures. Talk at LSA 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah. January 4-7, 2018. [abstract summary]


  • M. Zhang, M. Piñango, K. Davidson. The development of metonymic processing as the growth of context construal ability. Poster at BUCLD 42, Boston University. November 3-5, 2017.
  • Davidson, Kathryn. 2017. Building a single proposition from imagistic and categorical components. Invited commentary on Goldin-Meadow and Brentari, “Gesture, sign and language: The coming of age of sign language and gesture studies”. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 40. [paper]
  • Dorothy Ahn and Kathryn Davidson. Where pointing matters: English and Korean demonstratives. Poster at NELS 48, Reykjavík, Iceland. October 27-29, 2017. [abstract] [poster]
  • Kathryn Davidson and Annemarie Kocab. Event structure and verbal morphology in American Sign Language. Talk at the Language and Cognition group meeting, Harvard University. September 5, 2017.
  • Laura Wagner, Carlo Geraci, Jeremy Kuhn, Kathryn Davidson, and Brent Strickland. Children’s Detection of Iconic Telicity in Sign Language. Poster at 14th International Congress for the Study of Child Language, Lyon. July 17-21, 2017.
  • Teodora Mihoc and Kathryn Davidson. Testing a PPI analysis of superlative modified numerals. Talk at XPrag 2017, Cologne. June 21-23, 2017. [abstract]
  • Ronice Quadros, Kathryn Davidson, Diane Lillo-Martin, Karen Emmorey. Depicting Signs in Bimodal Bilingual Code-Blending. Talk at FEAST Reykjavík. June 21-22, 2017. [handout]
  • Dorothy Ahn. Semantics of definite descriptions: A micro-typology. Talk at GLOW in Asia XI, Singapore. February 20-22, 2017. [abstract]
  • Kathryn Davidson. Combining continuous and discrete representations in speech, sign, and gesture. Talk at the Cognition, Brain, & Behavior Research Seminar, Harvard University. January 26, 2017. [abstract summary]
  • Carina Kauf and Kathryn Davidson. Introducing demonstration complements in spoken/written languages. Talk at LSA 2017, Austin, TX. January 5-8, 2017. [abstract]
  • Gregory Scontras, Kathryn Davidson, Amy Rose Deal, Sarah E. Murray. Who has more? The influence of linguistic form on quantity judgments. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America. [paper]
  • Kathryn Davidson, Annemarie Kocab, Andrea D. Sims, and Laura Wagner. Telicity Encoding in American Sign Language: Testing the Event Visibility Hypothesis. Talk at LSA 2017, Austin, TX. January 5-8, 2017. [abstract]


  • Davidson, Kathryn & Ivano Caponigro. 2016. Embedding polar interrogative clauses in American Sign Language. In Roland Pfau, Markus Steinbach & Annika Herrmann, A Matter of Complexity: Subordination in Sign Languages, Sign Languages and Deaf Communities, Mouton de Gruyer. [paper]
  • Teodora Mihoc. More evidence of heterogeneity in the class of comparative and superlative numeral modifiers. Talk at the Language and Cognition group meeting, Harvard University. November 29, 2016.
  • Corina Goodwin, Kathryn Davidson, and Diane Lillo-Martin. English Article Use in Bimodal Bilingual Children with Cochlear Implants: Effects of Language Transfer and Early Language Exposure. Talk at BUCLD 41, Boston University. Nov. 4-6, 2016.
  • Laura Wagner, Carlo Geraci, Jeremy Kuhn, Kathryn Davidson, and B. Strickland. Is Telicity in Sign Languages Visible to Children? Poster at BUCLD 41, Boston University. Nov. 4-6, 2016 [poster]
  • Kathryn DavidsonQuotation, Classifier Predicates, and a Formal Semantics for Event Demonstrations. Invited Talk at the University of Toronto. Oct. 21, 2016
  • Kathryn Davidson. The contribution of sign languages toward a new unified picture of conjunction and disjunction. Invited Talk at MIT Workshop on Exhaustivity 2016, MIT. Sept. 10, 2016
  • Dorothy Ahn. Weak, strong, and deictic: Three kinds of definites. Poster at Sinn und Bedeutung 21, University of Edinburgh. Sept. 4-6, 2016.
  • Kathryn Davidson. Experimental approaches to studying meaning in speech, sign, and gesture. Talk at the Invited Symposium on Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics, 42nd Meeting Society for Philosophy and Psychology, University of Texas at Austin. June 1-4, 2016.
  • Kathryn Davidson and Ronice Müller de Quadros (UFSC, Harvard University). Blending speech with depicting signs: syntactic, semantic, and semiotic insights into language. Talk at SignFest 2016, Boston University. April 30, 2016.
  • Durkin, Allison, Deanna Gagne, & Kathryn Davidson. 2016. English speakers and American Sign Language (ASL) signers extend the MORE IS UP to subset/superset relationships for quantification, presentation at International Society for Gesture Studies, Paris, July. 18-22 [poster]

Select papers from 2015 and earlier

  • Koulidobrova, Elena & Kathryn Davidson. 2015. Watch the attitude: Role-shift and embedding in ASL. Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 19338-356. [paper]
  •  Davidson, Kathryn. 2015. Quotation, Demonstration, and Iconicity. Linguistics & Philosophy 38(6), 477-520. [publisher download]
  •  Davidson, Kathryn, Diane Lillo-Martin, & Deborah Chen Pichler. 2014. Spoken English language development among native signing children with cochlear implants. The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education 19.2: 238-250. [free publisher download]
  •  Davidson, Kathryn & Deanna Gagne. 2014. Vertical representation of quantifier domains. Sinn und Bedeutung 18. 110-127. [paper]
  •  Davidson, Kathryn. 2014. Scalar implicatures in a signed language. Sign language and linguistics 17(1). 1-19. [paper]
  •  Davidson, Kathryn. 2013. 'And' or 'Or': General Use Coordination in ASL. Semantics & Pragmatics 6(4). 1-44. [paper]