Daniel E. Maidana, MD

Daniel E. Maidana, MD

Angiogenesis Lab
Vavvas Lab
Daniel E. Maidana, MD

Daniel E. Maidana obtained his medical degree from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following, he completed a four-year residency program in ophthalmology at University of Barcelona, Spain. During his training, he pursued elective clinical rotations at Mass. Eye and Ear with Demetrios G. Vavvas, MD, PhD, and at Wills Eye Institute, with Carol L. Shields, MD, and Jerry A. Shields, MD.

Following residency, Daniel joined Mass. Eye and Ear on a Bayer Healthcare Award, to work under Dr. Vavvas mentorship. Upon arrival, he studied the role of microRNAs in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of the RPE. In addition to basic science projects, his interest in computational approaches to optimize quantitative methods, led to a novel ImageJ script for automated retinal cell death quantitation. Currently, his scientific interest is focused on neuroprotective strategies in retinal degenerative diseases.

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