Eleni Konstantinou, MD

Eleni Konstantinou, MD

Infectious Disease Research
Vavvas Lab
Eleni Konstantinou, MD

Dr. Eleni Konstantinou received her medical degree from Athens Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in 2011. Her career goals include practicing Ophthalmology as a clinician scientist and helping people in need both through research and volunteerism. 

Dr. Konstantinou started working in Dr. Demetrios Vavvas' Lab in June 2013, testing the effects of several drugs in uveal melanoma cell lines. Since January 2014, she has worked under the mentorship of Dr. Lucy Young.  Her research project focused on exploring the molecular mechanisms and pathways underlying human susceptibility to Toxoplasmosis, a globally leading cause of blindness. Thanks to Dr. Young's collaboration with the Biology Department at MIT, she has had the chance to spend 18 months under Dr. Saeij’s mentorship at MIT, where she was exposed to and gradually developed expertise in several cutting-edge gene editing and molecular biology techniques. She would like to expand her research to include identifying both early prognostic markers of disease and molecular targets of specific clinical conditions amenable to specific therapeutic intervention.

Besides Ophthalmology, Dr. Konstantinou's passion is exploring cultures and learning as much as possible about other civilizations, either through traveling or learning new languages. She speaks English, French, Spanish and Greek, and is passionate about art, poetry, photography, opera, and ballet.

Area of expertise: Toxoplasma gondii biology, immunology, gene editing.

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