Lokendra C Bengani, PhD

Lokendra C Bengani, PhD

Drug Delivery
Joseph Ciolino Lab
Lokendra C Bengani, PhD

Dr. Bengani received his PhD in Chemical Engineering in the area of ocular drug delivery. This thesis title was: Fundamentals & Applications of Macromolecular Transport in Hydrogel Contact Lenses.  Before that, he received his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, INDIA.

His previous Postdoctoral research includes natural antimicrobial (essential oils) formulation development and testing for treatment of Citrus Greening.

Currently he aims to develop and test a drug-eluting contact lens for the treatment of eye diseases. Specifically, we have carried out proof-of-concept studies to demonstrate the functionality and safety of this drug-eluting contact lens, advancing toward the goal of treating glaucoma, eye infections, and ocular inflammation in patients.  Our TCL design consists of a thin drug-polymer film encapsulated within the periphery of a typical contact lens which maintains a clear central aperture that allows unimpeded light and oxygen transmission. Both the drug-polymer film and the encapsulating hydrogel help to modulate drug release. In bench-top and animal studies, this innovative design has shown ≥1 month of sustained release and has been found to be equally or more effective than eye drops in reducing IOP in glacomatous monkeys. Our current focus is on treatment of corneal neovascularization, retinal edema, glaucoma, bacterial diseases and ocular surface tumors.

Skills/areas of expertise: Ocular drug delivery, formulation design & development, mathematical modeling of transport phenomena, surface characterization.

Interests: My interests lie in developing better methods to translate research from lab to healthcare industry. I also like making new collaborations & friends..

Contact Information

Schepens Eye Research Institute
20 Staniford Street
Boston, MA
p: 617-391-5884


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