Mohamed Ismail Ashrafali, PhD

Mohamed Ismail Ashrafali, PhD

Cornea Research
Chodosh Lab
Mohamed Ismail Ashrafali, PhD

Our focus is to study the evolution of human adenoviruses associated with epidemic keratoconjunctivitis- a severe eye infection. We employ phylogenetics, recombination detection tools and in silico structural predictions for genetic characterization of novel adenoviruses. To study the differential viral gene regulation, I am mapping transcription factors occupancy- across the genome by chromatin Immunoprecipitation and high throughput sequencing (ChIP-Seq). I am also studying adenovirus interactome by Affinity purification and Mass spectrometry methods. Studying viral DNA sensors and immune evasion strategies are my other current interests.

I enjoy food, music and travelling ;)

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Howe Chodosh Laboratory
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA 02114

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