Nachiket Pendse, PhD

Nachiket Pendse, PhD

Gene Editing on IRD
Liu Lab/Ocular Genomics Institute



Affiliations: Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Harvard Ophthalmology.

Dr. Nachi Pendse earned his Ph.D. in cell biology studying inherited retinal neurodegenerative diseases and ciliopathies from WVU School of Medicine, USA. Dr. Pendse became a member of the Ocular Genomics Institute in November 2016. His work focuses on use of genome engineering tools such as CRISPR, SHERLOCK, HITI and Base Editors to treat the USH2A mediated blinding disease. In 2017, Dr. Pendse was awarded a career startup grant of $140,000 from Knights Templar Eye Foundation for innovative research in ophthalmology. Dr. Pendse is also a co-founder a VC funded start-up SwifTag Systems®, USA that provides unique solutions for better laboratory animal management (

Current projects under supervision of Drs. Liu and Pierce

Project 1: CRISPR/Cas genome editing strategies to treat the USH2A mediated blinding disease.
Collaborator: Editas Medicine, Cambridge, MA

Project 2: Base Editing to improve the safety and efficacy of genetic treatment of IRDs due to mutations in large genes
Collaborator: Dr. David Liu, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Project 3: Development of a rapid and the cost-effective CRISPR-based molecular detection platform- SHERLOCK for detection of a novel myocilin mutation in rural Philippines
Collaborator: Dr. Jenny Wiggs, MEE and Dr. Feng Zhang, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.


Contact Information

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
243 Charles St, Room 520
Boston, MA 02114
p: 857-206-3551

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