A Place Imprinted On My Soul

Christine Mackey

Christine Mackey as an infant at her christening in the Memorial Church in 1965, pictured with her grandparents and parents, Donald Gibson HBS’67 and her mother Margaret.

I travelled to the Harvard Memorial Church in June this past year from Sydney, Australia. In 1965, I was christened in this church in the presence of my father, Donald Gibson HBS ’67, and mother Margaret. In attendance was my grandfather and grandmother who also travelled from Sydney to bless their first grandchild.

Today, I sat in the second from front pew with my own family and listened to the powerful organ in rehearsal, as tears flowed down my cheeks. The majesty of the altar, the joy of the music, and strength of the feeling of connection to all those now departed moved me deeply. My family returned to Sydney in 1968 and my father continued his relationship with Harvard as a visiting professor to the Business School.

Every visit he sent me a postcard of the Harvard Memorial Church and today I finally revisited it for myself. It has become a place imprinted on my soul. 

— Christine Mackey


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