2015 Workshop

The NSF grant that supported microMORPH ended in April 2017. microMORPH no longer provides support for travel grants, workshops, or summer courses. The summer courses in organismic plant biology will continue at the Arnold Arboretum.

Phenotypic Plasticity: Evolution at the Intersection of Ecology, Genetics, and Development
(Boston, MA on May 1st - 3rd, 2015)

microMORPH is pleased to announce our third interdisciplinary workshop, “Phenotypic Plasticity: Evolution at the Intersection of Ecology, Genetics, and Development” to be held at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in Boston, MA on May 1st - 3rd, 2015. 

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microMORPH INTERDISCIPLINARY WORKSHOPS bring together small groups of graduate students, postdoctorals, and faculty with diverse interests and expertise to interact and discuss critical concepts, intellectual objectives, emerging technologies, and analytical approaches that have the potential to advance our understanding of the evolution of plant form.  All participants give presentations on their research and there is extensive discussion following each presentation.  These workshops provide students, postdoctorals, and faculty with unique opportunities to explore new and challenging frontiers of knowledge.


Sally Assmann (Pennsylvania State University),
Ben Blackman (University of Virginia),
David Des Marais (Harvard University)
Michael Donoghue (Yale University)
Lisa Donovan (University of Georgia)
Andrew Doust (Oklahoma State University)
Cynthia Jones (University of Connecticut)
Mark van Kleunen (Universität Konstanz)
John Stinchcombe (University of Toronto)
Sonia Sultan (Wesleyan University)

William (Ned) Friedman (Harvard University)
Pamela Diggle (University of Connecticut)

APPLICANT INFORMATION AND ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: We encourage applications from graduate students (at all stages of their dissertation research) and postdoctoral researchers. Eight student/postdoctoral participants will be chosen to attend, give presentations on their research (which should address phenotypic plasticity in plants), and engage in the discussions. microMORPH will fund travel, accommodations, and meals for selected participants who are U.S. citizens or who are associated with a U.S. institution/university. Non-U.S. citizens that are not associated with a U.S. institution are welcome to participate but will have to fund their own travel and accommodations.

HOW TO APPLY: Applications are closed!

Applications have been reviewed, and all applicants with fully submitted applications have been notified of their status. (last updated Mar.26 2015)


For additional information, contact Becky Povilus at (RCNmicromorph@gmail.com)

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