Attendee Information

If you are attending the 2015 microMORPH workshop, "Phenotypic Plasticity: Evolution at the Intersection of Ecology, Genetics, and Development", here is some information you may find useful:

Click Here for the Workshop Program

Workshop Location:

1) The workshop is being held at the Weld Hill Building, at the Arnold Arboretum. The address of the Weld Hill building is 1300 Centre St, Boston, MA 02131, and it is located on the south-western edge of the Arboretum.

Workshop Schedule:

1) The workshop with start with breakfast on May 1 at 8 am, and will end on May 3 with lunch, which starts at noon. Based on the travel time between the Weld Hill building and Logan International Airport, please do not arrange for flights out of Boston earlier than 2 pm on May 3rd.

2) For the workshop program, which includes the full schedule and talk titles and abstracts, click here.

Talk Format:

1) In preparing your talk, keep in mind the goal of trying to grapple with how to think about the intersection of development and evolutionary process and pattern.  Aspects of your work that may inform that kind of conversation would be great.  Speculation is also quite welcome and would make for good discussion.

2) Faculty speakers: aim for your talk to be about 40 minutes, with 20 minutes after for discussion.

3) Post-doc / student speakers: aim for your talk to be about 15 minutes, with 15 minutes after for discussion.

A/V information for Speakers:

1) Both Mac and PC laptops can be used with AV equipment that we have, and we will have a PC laptop available for running presentations if you don’t want to use your own laptop. However, if you have a Mac please be sure to bring the appropriate dongle/adapter so that you can connect to a VGA cord.


For a pdf of Travel Info and Tips, please click here!

1) microMORPH will pay for your travel, but you will have to arrange your travel. If you have not received instructions on how to arrange your travel to facilitate your reimbursement, please contact Becky Povilus (

2) Based on the travel time between the Weld Hill building and Logan International Airport, please do not arrange for flights out of Boston earlier than 2 pm on May 3rd.

3) We will try to arrange group travel to/from the Boston Logan International Airport. Please see the pdf linked above to see if a fellow participant is arriving/departing at the same time as you: please take a taxi together.

4) To take a taxi from the airport: follow signs in the airport to the taxi pick-up area, which is part of ground transportation. The hotel address is  (55 Ariadne Road, Dedham, MA 02026). Be sure to save a copy of your taxi receipt to submit for reimbursement. Click here for a map from the airport to the hotel that you can print out and give to the taxi driver.

5) If you are driving to the workshop and are arriving on Friday, there is a parking in the lot in front of the Weld Hill building that you are welcome to use.


1) We have hotel rooms reserved for all participants for the nights of April 30, May 1, and May 2.

2) The hotel is the Holiday Inn in Dedham (55 Ariadne Road, Dedham, MA 02026)

3) A shuttle bus for “microMORPH” will take you from the hotel to the Arboretum in the mornings: the bus will be in front of the hotel, and is scheduled for a 8 AM departure from the hotel (please be ready to leave the hotel slightly before 8 am). We will have breakfast ready for you at the Arboretum as soon as you arrive.


1) All meals (and snacks and beverages) will be provided for the days of the workshop (starting with breakfast on May 1, and ending with lunch on May 3). Meals will take place at the conference site (Weld Hill building, at the Arnold Arboretum).

2) If you have any dietary requests (food allergies, vegetarian, vegan, etc…), please let Becky Povilus ( know ASAP so that we can make sure to accommodate you!


As everyone attending has differing circumstances governing travel arrangements and US citizenship, please read this information carefully and consider your specific circumstances. Documents can be downloaded from the links at the end of this section.

We will have printed copies of these documents at the workshop, but please read through them to make sure that you can provide all of the necessary information. You can also fill out these documents on your computer and email the completed forms to Jess Gard ( Please note that you will need to mail and the reimbursement request and receipts to Jess Gard  (Jessica Gard, Weld Hill Research Center, 1300 Centre St., Roslindale, MA 02131). If you are not a U.S. citizen, the reimbursement process is more complicated; we recommend letting Jess Gard know of your visa/visitor status (if have not yet done so), and that you get started on the paperwork as soon as possible.

Tax Forms

  1. If you are a US citizen, please complete and sign the attached W-9 form with the highlighted fields filled out.
  2. If you are not a US citizen (i.e. green card holder, in U.S. on any kind of visa, or simply a visitor to the U.S.), please familiarize yourself with our process which is bulleted below:
  • Please complete the attached Foreign Individual Vendor Request Form (FIVRF)
  • Once the FIVRF has been received by our central office, you will receive an e-mail that includes a link to the GLACIER website and secure login instructions.
  • You will be asked a series of questions to complete the necessary tax documents on the website.
  • When finished, you will be asked to submit the completed tax documents to the Office of the Controller's NRA Tax Group in order to be set up properly for payments.
  • At this time, we will be able to process your reimbursement.

Reimbursement paperwork

Also attached to this email is our Non-Employee Reimbursement Form (NERF). I have highlighted the areas to complete and will take responsibility for filling out the remainder of the form.

Please provide me with the following documentation of expenses:

  • The NERF as attached in this document
  • All receipts for taxis between Boston Logan airport and the Holiday Inn/Weld Hill Research Center
  • If you booked your own flights: The emailed receipt of your purchase from the airline. This should show the dates of travel, the departure and destination airports, the ticket type, total cost, and your name.
  • If you drove to the workshop: A Google map printout of the route to you took here and on the return, with total mileage clearly provided.

After your return from the Plasticity Workshop, you can mail you receipts and paperwork to Jess Gard (Jessica Gard, Weld Hill Research Center, 1300 Centre St., Roslindale, MA 02131). Additionally, please feel free to contact Jess with any questions, or with any other eligible expenses that we have not addressed here.  

 Documents: 1) Foreign Individual Vendor Request form; 2) NERF (Non-employee Reimbursement Form); 3) W9 Form


If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact Becky Povilus (

The NSF grant that supported microMORPH ended in April 2017. microMORPH no longer provides support for travel grants, workshops, or summer courses. The summer courses in organismic plant biology will continue at the Arnold Arboretum.