The NSF grant that supported microMORPH ended in April 2017. microMORPH no longer provides support for travel grants, workshops, or summer courses. The summer courses in organismic plant biology will continue at the Arnold Arboretum.

As microMORPH is ending in 2017, we are no longer offering training/travel grants. Here is a description of the grants that we did offer, and you can find summaries of funded research on the page for each type of grant:

"microMORPH is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for undergraduates ($5,000), and graduate students, postdoctorals, and assistant professors ($3,500) in plant development and plant evolution.
These grants are available to support cross-disciplinary visits between labs or institutions for a period of a few weeks to an entire semester.  We are committed to supporting diverse aspects of plant evo-devo related to questions or processes of microevolution.  In particular, we wish to encourage visits from evolutionary ecologists, systematists and morphologists to molecular developmental labs with the intention of developing tools to investigate diversifications of populations and closely related species – and visits from members of molecular developmental labs interested in learning of the biology and evolutionary ecology of non-model groups of species.  The interdisciplinary nature of these focused interactions will provide a unique opportunity for participants to integrate historically disparate fields and in turn develop research programs at the interfaces of evolutionary ecology, organismic biology, and developmental biology. "