Undergraduate Training Grants

Please note that we are no longer offering training/travel grants (last updated April 2017).

We have notified all applicants with completed applications as to the decision regarding their application status. (last updated Apr 27, 2016)

microMORPH promotes and fosters cross-disciplinary training and interaction through a series of small grants that allows undergraduates to visit labs and botanical gardens as well as gain invaluable laboratory experience while contributing to scientific research on plants. Successfully funded proposals address plant evolution and development as related to processes of microevolution.

These grants are available to support training visits for a period of a summer (or summer semester equivalent).  We are committed to supporting diverse aspects of plant evo-devo related to questions or processes of microevolution. We are interested in projects that will accomplish exciting research while helping to train the next generation of plant evolutionary ecologists, systematists, morphologists, and molecular/developmental biologists to think in the interdisciplinary context of organismal biology.


1) Download full grant information as a pdf

2) Download a flyer for the grant as a pdf (Feel free to print and distribute!)


Award Amount

Each year, microMORPH is able to fund ten 10-week research internships/training grants for undergraduates. $5,000 is available per grant, which can be used for travel and housing for the period of the internship.


To be eligible for a microMORPH undergraduate training grant you must fulfill one or more of the following requirements: 1) you must be a U.S. citizen or, 2) you must be affiliated with a U.S. college, university, or institution, or 3) the lab you plan to visit for your training experience must be at a U.S. university or institution.

Application Deadline

The next microMORPH Cross Disciplinary Training Grant deadline is 11:30 pm March 15th, 2016.

How to Apply

Applications can be submitted online though the “Submit Applications” box on the left of this page, or by clicking Here to Submit.

The application process is hosted by the Arnold Arboretum, and you will have a register an account in order to apply. There are a few steps you will need to complete:

1) Please click the Submission link and follow the instructions to register for an account.

2) Search for grant listings for the "microMORPH 2016 Spring Undergraduate Training Grant".

3) Click  "Apply" or "Add to Cart". (if you use "Add to Cart", the listing will now show up when you click on on the "My Interest Cart" tab).

4) Follow application instructions. The application includes a way for you to send recommendation letter requests (submission instructions will be sent to your recommenders). Be sure to click "Final Review and Submit" when you are ready to submit!

Application Materials

1) Academic and contact information

2) A Statement of Research from the applicant detailing research plans and interaction with the host lab (2-3 pages). Successfully funded proposals address plant evolution and development as related to processes of microevolution.

3) A proposed budget for travel costs, per diem, lodging, and meals

4) The applicant's CV.

5) A letter of recommendation from the applicant's advisor or professor who is able to comment on the applicant's abilities and potential as they relate to the proposed project.

6) A letter from the principle investigator of the prospective host lab (indicating a willingness to host, consensus about the proposed activities of the visitor, and an explicit statement acknowledging that the host lab understands that the microMORPH RCN funds may not be used to underwrite the proposed research activities).

Proposal Evaluation

Two members of the steering committee (one with an organismic and one with a molecular focus) and a third individual from outside the core participants, chosen by the steering committee, are charged with evaluating applications.

We anticipate announcing award status by the end of April.

Questions and Comments?

Please contact micromorph at RCNmicromorph@gmail.com.