Overview & Research

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This resource presents the thoughts and feelings expressed by experienced managers as they anticipate important negotiations. It was created in a joint research project by Professors Kimberlyn Leary of the University of Michigan and Professors Gerald Zaltman and Michael Wheeler of the Harvard Business School. The respondents’ words and images were elicited through the ZMET technique, a patented research tool developed by Professor Zaltman. To learn more about ZMET, click here.

You will find several different kinds of information in this resource. Under the “Interactive Images” link, you will see separate pages for the ten respondents. On each one, in turn, there is a collage of six to ten pictures that they selected as representing their personal thoughts and feelings about negotiation. You can read each persona’s explanation of his or her collage and, with the click of a button, hear them describe their attitudes in their own voices.

Next, under the “Interactive Consensus Map” link, you will see a network of conceptual and emotional constructs that were commonly expressed by respondents. Because negotiation is such a rich domain, it includes many constructs, intricately connected. It has been made more accessible by being divided into three regions into which you can drill down. Specifically, once you are in a sub-region you may click on to a particular construct and see what is captured in words and images by the idea. Turning to the “links” feature, you can also see how people connected particular thoughts and feelings.

In short, this resource allows you to explore what people think and feel about negotiation. If you are exploring it as part of a course, you will have been given assignment questions that will help you probe the meaning and potential application of this material.