The Map of Inclusive Spaces and Symbols at Harvard is an interactive web application that visualizes spaces around campus. Each data point will feature background and information on the symbol (e.g., public art honoring social justice leaders) and space (e.g., named buildings and departments). The data will also be tagged so that similar objects can be found by searching keywords.

The goal of Map of Inclusive Symbols and Spaces (MISS) is to create a centralized resource on inclusive symbols and space. MISS would not only show inclusive spaces around Harvard, but also offer detailed information about them including images, a search feature, and the ability to add your own inclusive symbols and spaces to the map. We hope that increasing the visibility of these symbols and spaces will allow for offices, centers, and schools to begin to recognize the importance of them, commit to creating and amplifying their own efforts, and add inclusive art to their walls to be included in this online map for recognition by the Harvard community.

Image of Harvard Culture Innovation Lab rewards badge with the text "WINNER Harvard Culture Lab Innovation Lab 2020"MISS is a recipient of funding from Harvard’s Culture Lab Innovation Fund, which awards grants to Harvard students, staff, faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and academic personnel to pursue ideas that seek to strengthen Harvard’s capacity to advance a culture of belonging.