Cognitive-based Guidance System

The rates of preventable harm to patients in the U.S. are at concerning levels. The operating room is the most common site for adverse events in the hospital. To enhance surgical patient safety we introduce a novel approach that leverages advances in information technology. Through this project, we are developing and analyzing innovative surgical process models to facilitate standardization of critical procedural steps in cardiac surgery (smart checklists). An example of what the smart checklist looks like in its current form is available below, but this interface is being updated and evaluated based on user feedback. We are also further expanding upon this smart checklist by creating a context-aware system anticipatory of cognitive states of surgical team members by buliding in patient information, procedural/process data, and information indicative of the providers' cognitive states. We have assembled an experienced multidisciplinary team and we anticipate that our novel approach will contribute to a transformational redesign toward a health system that is waste-free, harm-free and highly reliable.

Smart Checklist screenshot