Mike @ IQ

I am responsible for the day-to-day project management responsibilities for the IT Operations team and other Engineering software development projects for the DevOPs team. 



As the Director of Systems Engineering at Momentum Telecom my team modernized and scaled nationwide infrastructure supporting data-over-cable and wholesale VoIP networks and managed provisioning for 900K cable modems for 300 independent cable ISPs.

Prior to that I spent a significant portion of my career at Cisco Systems. I started in the data-over-cable field supporting cable modem and VoIP provisioning at our largest cable ISP customers and enterprise customers. Most of my work involved solving business problems with our protocol servers. I did nationwide rollouts and upgrades of provisioning software and hardware. I handled high profile incident management. I did complex root cause analysis and authored public facing Root Cause responses.

Two things I'm most proud of are the creation a training program for the Cisco TAC team and the creation of a test harness for our protocol servers.

I created and taught a three-week training event which ran 4 years and drew U.S. and international participants. During the training we covered instruction in the protocols involved and went into detail on the advanced features of our provisioning server software.

My manager and I also created a 50+ machine performance and capacity test bed from scratch. As far as I know, it was the only one of its kind. We were able to automate complex scalability and capacity tests involving multiple types of servers. The automated tests took the latest software drop from the build server, configured the server software, and launched waves of traffic against the system under test. We were able to setup almost a full end-to-end installation. For example – a typical test involved interactions between servers communicating via DHCP, DNS, DDNS, LDAP, DHCP Failover protocols. This test bed allowed us to identify and address system level bottlenecks.

My last role at Cisco was as part of the first 50 subject matter experts on the Cisco Unified Computing Servers (UCS). I enabled adoption and operationalization at critical customers. The technology was still so new that I also contributed to the body of knowledge for operating UCS at scale and helped standardization of engagement deliverables through automation.