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Clockwise from top: (1) Historical topographical photograph from USDA Soil Conservation Service. Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS; (2) Illustration from p. 203 of the 1893 British sci-fi novel, Hartmann the Anarchist. Photo courtesy of the British Library; (3) Etching from 1886 stele on the wall of the Baiyun Guan (Abbey of the White Clouds) in Beijing, showing the Toaist Nei Jing Tu (Chart of the Inner Landscape), or cosmological, anatomical chart. Photo courtesy of the Walters Art Museum and the Public Domain Review; (4) Image of George Mayerle’s Eye Test Chart (ca. 1907), produced in San Francisco, CA, with Roman, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Hebrew characters. Photo courtesy of US National Library of Medicine and the Public Domain Review.
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