Past Presentations


AY 2019-2020


Feb 19 | Andrada Fiscutean (MIT, Knight Science Journalism Fellow)
"Hacking Communism: The Underground Story of Cobra, the Illicit Handmade Computer"
Facilitators: Kit Heintzman (Harvard, History of Science); Nina Pasquini (Harvard College, History and Literature); Grace Yeboah-Kodie (Harvard College, History and Science); Becina Ganther (Harvard College, History of Science)
Mar 11 | Michelle LaBonte (Harvard, History of Science)
"Diagnostic uncertainty of Pseudomonas cepacia infection and the disruption of cystic fibrosis patient communities."
Discussant: Emma Broder (Harvard, History of Science)
Mar 25 | Itamar Avneri (Visiting Fellow, Harvard, History of Science)
"Much More than a Mammoth or a Pigeon: On the Emergence of the Science of De-extinction"
Apr 1 | Alexis Turner (Harvard, History of Science)
"Sharing is Caring: The Role of Pleasure, Friendship, Creativity, and Dreams in LSD's Early Travels. (Maybe also a little sex)"
Cancelled due to COVID-19
Apr 8 | Dong-Won Kim (Penn, History of Science)
"Politicizing Science?: Science Museums in South Korea"
Cancelled due to COVID-19
Apr 15 | Frank Blibo (Harvard, History of Science)
"Strategies, Decisions, and Actions and the Development of Specialty Heart Care at the Institut de Cardiologie d'Abidjan, 1977-2020"
Cancelled due to COVID-19
Apr 22 | Victor Seow (Harvard, History of Science)
"The Human Factor: Industrial Psychology and Scientific Management in Modern China"
Cancelled due to COVID-19
Apr 29 | Harris Friedman (Visiting Scholar, Harvard, History of Science)
"Psychology's "Methodological Terrorists": Correcting a Long History of Shady Science"
Cancelled due to COVID-19


FALL 2019

Sep 18 | Aaron Van Neste (Harvard, History of Science)
"Checks and Balances: Privacy, Payments, and the Public Interest in the Development of Electronic Fund Transfers in 1970s US"
Discussant: Yuting Dong (Harvard, EALC)
Oct 9 | Gili Vidan (Harvard, History of Science)


"Recognizable but Not Known: Negotiating Trust and Identification in the Age of Public Cryptography, 1972-1984"
Oct 10 | SPEICIAL EVENT:Joanna Radin (Yale, History of Science)
Talk with Graduate Students
Oct 30 | Rodrigo Ochigame (MIT, HASTS)
"A Paraconsistent History: Mathematical Logic in a Paradoxical World"
Discussant: Max Ehrenfreund (Harvard, History of Science)
Nov 6 | Meg Perret (Harvard, History of Science)
"'Climate Change Creates Female Super-Race': Male Extinction, Coral Reef Collapse & Queer Futurity"
Discussant: Kit Heintzman (Harvard, History of Science)
Nov 13 | Udodiri Okwandu (Harvard, History of Science)
"Violence and the (Black) Brain: Law and Order Politics and the Biomedicalization of Urban Rioting and Violence, 1960 - 1975"
Nov 20 | Tasha Schoenstein (Harvard, History of Science)
"Computer Science as an Autonomous Discipline: An Unresolved Question"
Discussant: Lucian Bessmer (Harvard, GSE)
Dec 4 | Melany Park (Harvard, GSD)
"The Making of Design as a “Comprehensive” Practice: Integrating Science, Industry, and Expertise in Postwar Korea"
Discussant: Erik Baker (Harvard, History of Science)




AY 2018-2019


Feb 27 | XIAOXING JIN (Visiting Fellow, Harvard, History of Science)
"The Arrival of Progressivism in China: From Darwin to Marx"

Feb 27 | ALEX CSISZAR (Harvard, History of Science)
"''Nations Can Publish or Perish?' Provincializing the Scientific Literature"

SPECIAL EVENT: Monday Mar 4 | HARRY COLLINS (Cardiff, Social Sciences)
"Forms of Life and the social study of science"

Mar 13 | MAX EHRENFREUND (Harvard, History of Science)
"Cycle and Structure: The World Economy as Scientific Object, 1930-1939"

Mar 27 | JORDAN HOWELL (Harvard, History of Science)
"Red Earth to Bauxite”
Apr 3 | RAQUEL BALDWINSON (Visting Fellow, Harvard, History of Science)
"My Humira: A History of the Sponsored Nurse”
Apr 10 | TINA WEI (Harvard, History of Science)
"A Variety of Futurologists: ‘Feminist’ Speculative Fictions in the Wake of the Pill”
Apr 17 | LUCIAN BESSMER (Harvard, History of Science)
"Bureaucratic Expertise: The Redefinition of Public Policy Education at the Harvard Kennedy School”
“Congressional Intent in the 1970 Clean Air Act: What Congress Knew about Weather, Climate, and Carbon Dioxide”
May 1 | LIV GRJEBINE (Harvard, History of Science)
"How a public debate influenced the reception of a scientific theory: Darwin in France in the 19th century"


FALL 2018

Sep 19 | Gili Vidan (Harvard, Department of the History of Science)
"Checks and Balances: Privacy, Payments, and the Public Interest in the Development of Electronic Fund Transfers in 1970s US"

Sep 26 | Hannah Conway (Harvard, Department of the History of Science)
"Designing for Resilience: The Industrialization of Microbial Labor and Development of Self-Healing Concrete"

Oct 3 | Aaron Van Neste (Harvard, Department of the History of Science)
"Mechanization by Insect: The Importation of the African Palm Weevil to Malaysia”

Oct 10 | Gustave Lester (Harvard, Department of the History of Science)
"Native Copper: Geology, Capitalism, and U.S. Expansion in Early Nineteenth Century Michigan”

Oct 17 | Edwin Rose (Cambridge University, Department of History and Philosophy of Science)
"From the South Seas to Soho Square: The Library of Joseph Banks and the Practice of Natural History (1771-1820)”

Oct 24 | HSS Practice Talks: Tasha Schoenstein and Jongsik Christian Yi (Harvard, Department of the History of Science)
"'The Counter-Conference': Professionalism and Social Responsibility in Computer Science, 1968-1971”
"Scions and Rootstocks: The Chinese Honey Nectar Peach and the Grafting of Science, 1920-1965"

Oct 31 | Charles Petersen (Harvard, Program in American Studies)
"The Americanization of Meritocracy”
Nov 7 | Beatrice Steinert (Harvard, Department of the History of Science)
"Seeing Time, Making Embryos Visible”
Nov 14 | William Wannyn (Université de Montréal, Department of Sociology)
"Neuromarketing and neurolaw : Academic stakes of interdisciplinarity between neurosciences and social sciences
Nov 28 | Frank Blibo (Harvard, Department of the History of Science)
"Subjected to Surgical Subterfuge and Exploration? Harvey Cushing, Neurosurgeons and Exploratory Neurosurgery in the Evolution of a Specialty”


AY 2017-2018