MURI Annual Review Meeting


Friday, December 4, 2015, 12:00pm to 5:00pm


Harvard Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science, Pierce 301

Click here for presentations (MURI team members only, please request permission through Google Drive).

Presentation titles and presenters below (click event heading to view):

  • Federico Capasso (Harvard):  Active Metasurfaces for Advanced Wavefront Engineering and Waveguiding
  • Gernot S. Pomrenke (AFOSR): Photonics & Optoelectronics (Introduction)

  • Captain Bryan Adomanis (AFRL): Metasurface Efforts at AFRL Materials & Manufacturing Directorate

  • Alexandra Boltasseva (Purdue): New Materials for Functional Metasurfaces
  • Mark Brongersma (Stanford): Mechanical controllable dielectric metasurfaces

  • Nader Engheta (UPenn): Metasurfaces for Dispersion Engineering, Structural Plasmonics and Bound States in the Continuum
  • Marko Loncar (Harvard): Engineering of Light-Matter Interaction using Metasurfaces
  • Hossein Mosallaei (Northeastern): Design Computation of Metasurfaces Nanoantennas
  • Vladimir Shalaev (Purdue): Circular Dichroism Spectrometer with Gap-plasmonic Metasurfaces
  • Nanfang Yu (Columbia): Metasurface-Based Passive and Active Devices 

Poster Titles

  • Electrostatically Tunable Silicon Optical Antennas - Aaron Holsteen
  • Dielectric Phased-Antenna Array Assisted Second Harmonic Generation in Lithium Niobate - Cheng Wang
  • Applications of Space-Gradient Metasurfaces - Amr Shaltout
  • Spatiotemporal Gradient Metasurfaces: Non-Reciprocity and Ultrafast Beam Steering - Amr Shaltout
  • The Hybrid Electrothermoplasmonic Nanotweezer (HENT) - Justus Ndukaife
  • All-Diamond Metasurfaces for High Power Laser Applications - Haig Atikian
  • Wave Manipulation with Dielectric Metasurfaces - Jierong Cheng
  • Truly Achromatic Metasurfaces: A Filter Circuit Theory-based Design - Jierong Cheng
  • Mid-Infrared Reflectarray-Based Metasurface Lens with Active Control - Shuyan Zhang
  • Near-field Spectral Imaging - Antonio Ambrosio
  • Direct Near-field Imaging of Metasurfaces - Daniel Wintz
  • Plasmonics, Circuitry, and Dispersion Synthesis Using Metasurfaces - Yue Li
  • Broadband Dispersion-Compensated Meta-Holograms - Mohammadreza Khorasaninejad
  • Achromatic Metasurface Lens - Mohammadreza Khorasaninejad