Our endeavor has three main components:

Archival research

We plan to inventory all of Southern's correspondents as preserved in fully processed archival collections now available for research at three institutions: Harvard University, the Center for Black Music Research and Fisk University. The results of this work will be shared in a radial graph, illustrating the context in which Southern performed this foundation work.

Oral history interviews

We're also going to create new content in the vein established by Southern and her collaborators. Interviews were a major component of The Music of Black Americans as well as in The Black Perspective in Music. If you'd like to join in too, see here for more information and to sign up. 


Graduate students in seminars led by Professors Carol J. Oja and Braxton D. Shelley will curate an exhibition, which will go on display at Harvard University in 2021. This work will be undertaken in collaboration with Christina Linklater, Keeper of the Isham Memorial Library.

This library-classroom collaboration will share its specific findings and our general workflow with the academic and library communities, showing musicologists how we've engaged with archives and demonstrating for archivists some of the ways in which musicologists might wish to use collections. 

Professor Eileen Southern poses in a white blouse and pearls before a library shelf.