NASA Zero Robotics Video Challenge through Tongal

June 20, 2012

NASA and Tongal have joined to launch a video competition with prizes up to $30,000.


Create 1-2 minute video that gets the world excited about the ZERO ROBOTICS Challenge. You can do this in MANY ways—so don’t limit your thinking on what could get people excited about students controlling objects in space. This could be anything from a “viral” video, to a slick mash up of the existing footage, to an inspired commercial—whatever you can think of. Just keep in mind that videos should make the competition feel accessible to everyone (i.e. to both boys and girls, coders and those without previous coding experience).

How can you help NASA reach children?

Kids are always told to reach for the stars.  Now, NASA is literally giving them the chance to—by providing middle and high school students with unprecedented access to the International Space Station and letting them write the programs that control state-of-the-art robots on the International Space Station—no PhD. in astrophysics required! The ZERO ROBOTICS Competition is part of a NASA initiative to cultivate interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Teams of 5-20 students compete to be the group that controls the SPHERE satellites in zero gravity, and ultimately serve as Ground Control for the REAL crew of the International Space Station. Plus, they get to watch their robots at work in real time via NASA’s live feed.

Website: Click here for more information!