Educational Enrichment

The NDSR program seeks to continually enrich the education and professional development of its residents and the community as a whole. To that end, we have created and will continue to create a series of educational/training webcasts on various topics of interest. 

These are open access materials, please view them at your convenience and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Thank you and enjoy!


DPOE Module - Introduction

Slides for Introduction

DPOE Module #1

Identify and Select mp4

Slides for Identify and Select

DPOE Module #2 - Store and Protect

Store and Protect mp4

Slides for Store and Protect Module

Discussion Sheet for Store and Protect

DPOE Module #3 - Manage

Manage mp4

Slides for Manage Module

Discussion Sheet for Manage

DPOE Module #4 - Provide


Slides for Provide Module

Discussion Sheet for Provide

FITS Tool Demonstration by Andrea Goethals (2/9/16)

Data Visualization by Helen Bailey (3/18/16)