NDSR Curriculum

NDSR Boston: Curriculum Outline          April 2014

 Operating Principles

  • Adapt the national NDSR approach for use in the Boston Area, including the curriculum
  • Use the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education (DPOE) modules as a starting point
  • Leverage existing professional development, training and any curriculum-related opportunities
  • Be flexible about planning and scheduling to take advantage of opportunities
  • Engage the community in the Boston Area and to the extent possible beyond
  • Identify activities that are feasible for individual instructors to organize and present
  • Ensure that the accumulation of individual activities addresses the overall NDSR objectives


  • Hosts: five host institutions that each host a resident
  • Residents: five residents that are mapped to a host and commit to completing their project
  • Instructors: Nancy McGovern, Andrea Goethals, instructors identified from hosts, community
  • Community: hosts, Boston area institutions, NDSR NYC, regional participants

 Components of the Curriculum

  • Pre-residency materials to prepare for the immersive week
  • Immersive week that launches the residencies – a.m. for presentations, p.m. for demonstrations
  • Menu of events from September to May involving instructors, hosts, residents, and community
  • Devise a basic development plan for each resident and monitor progress
  • Organize a community-based capstone event towards the end of the residency
  • Capstone: project results from residents, observations from hosts, community engagement
  • Evaluation of curriculum components and measurable and perceived outcomes

Considerations for Residents

  • Commit to participating in the range of curriculum activities throughout residency
  • Identify and organize at least one training event  (e.g., watch a webinar then lead a discussion)
  • Seek out and share information about professional development and training opportunities
  • Work with instructors and host to develop a development plan with specific outcomes

 Considerations for Hosts

  • Assist residents in developing a development plan with input from instructors
  • Host a visit by hosts and residents (possibly others) during the residency
  • Participate in as many curriculum activities as desired in addition to minimum
  • Assist in identifying possible professional development and training opportunities

 Considerations for Instructors

  • Frame and deliver immersive week curriculum, match components to projects
  • Seek out, organize, and deliver (or ensure the delivery of) curriculum activities
  • Share curriculum content and resources, accumulate before, during and after residencies

 Considerations for Community

  • Identify opportunities to participate in NDSR events – activity leader, presenter, participant
  • Consider organizing and hosting an event – virtual and/or in-person
  • Contribute to evaluation of the NDSR program – feedback and ideas