The purpose of the Neuroendocrine Dialogues is to convene basic researchers and clinicians to tackle the most pressing questions in neuroscience. We are dedicated to address diverse topics of neuroscience research, with a focus on the function and dysfunction of the neuroendocrine system and mental illness. Our participants hail from diverse Harvard communities, including the department of Neuroscience, Mass General Hospital, McLean, Beth Israel Deaconess, Children's Hospital and Brigham and Women's, as well as other universities in the Boston area (Tufts, Wellesley, Holy Cross).

The Neuroendocrine Dialogues are supported by the Harvard Brain Science Initative (https://brain.harvard.edu/postdocs#neuroendocrine)

Contact: Dana B. Edelman

and founded by

  • Yao Chen, PhD (postdoc, Sabatini Lab)
  • Stephanie Rudolph, PhD (postdoc, Regehr Lab)
  • Helen Hou, PhD (Sabatini Lab alumna)

The current team of organizers consists of:

  • Stephanie Rudolph, PhD (head organizer, postdoc, Regehr Lab, HMS)
  • Soha Ashrafi, PhD (Neurobiology Program Manager, HMS)
  • Sinisa Hrvatin, PhD (postdoc, Greenberg Lab, HMS)
  • Laverne Melon, PhD (postdoc, Maguire Lab, Tufts)
  • Theodora Mautz (undergraduate student, Harvard College)

Our scientific advisors are:

  • Catherine Dulac, PhD (Harvard, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology)
  • Joseph Majzoub, MD (Children's Hospital)
  • Jamie Maguire, PhD (Tufts University)