The Center for Innovation and Bioinformatics is a team of individuals within the Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Previously the Data/Systems team of the Neurological Clinical Research Institute, we’ve recently rebranded.  We’re still part of the same great team at the NCRI and will continue to offer the same services and more!


The mission of the CIB is to accelerate translational research in neurological disorders through initiating and testing novel therapies. The CIB will fulfill this mission by supporting the entire therapeutic development process.  To facilitate this, we’ve developed several platforms and offer new and innovative strategies to organize clinical research projects from the ground up.


We are equipped to handle a variety of projects. Whether the project needs data capture, data aggregation or data anonymization, the CIB has a tool or platform that fits the bill. The features of these tools allow for everything from simple data collection, all the way to mapping, deidentifying and aggregating complex data sets into a single usable pool of information.