The CIB has created a sample tracking software that allows tracking of the sample (biofluid or tissue) to the specific cell in a box. Here at the CIB we consider this a ‘virtual’ biorepository as the samples may be housed at a single Hub, multiple hubs, or each participating location may store their own samples, however, the tracking software keeps tabs on it all. This software also allows each site to print their own labels, allowing sites to enjoy the flexibility of enrolling patients and securing samples on their schedule rather than having to wait for labels from a central printer to be distributed. The complimentary side of this repository is that it may be linked to clinical data, which would allow the CIB to create a search engine for your inventory based on clinical data. If you want to know how many males, between the ages of 25 and 65 have plasma samples, the system has a user interface that allows you to plug these parameters in and see how many patients meet these criteria, and where each of those samples lives.