Principal Investigator: Katharine Nicholson, MD

Disease: ALS

Project Duration: 2 years

Primary Aim(s):

  • Aim 1: To compare the intestinal microbiota, including intestinal Clostridium cluster IV and XIVa, in people with ALS and healthy controls, in order to characterize differences in bacterial diversity and taxonomic composition. This aim will be accomplished by performing 16S rRNA sequencing and metagenomic shotgun analysis on the intestinal microbiota of 100 people with ALS and 100 healthy controls.
  • Aim 2: To investigate whether the composition of intestinal microbiota, including Clostridium cluster IV and XIVa, is associated with disease progression in ALS. Clinical data will be collected at study enrollment with an optional longitudinal assessment at 3 and 6 months after study enrollment.

How CIB accelerates this project:

CIB operates as the data coordination core.
Platforms used: NeuroBANK™, NeuroGUID