Next Gen/HUECU "Money Mindsets" Workshop: Learning our Strengths & Strategies for Financial Wellbeing


Thursday, November 18, 2021, 4:00pm to 5:00pm

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Join the Next Gen community for a virtual personal finance workshop designed for First-generation/Next Gen students hosted by the Harvard University Employees Credit Union.

"Recognizing your money personality is the first step toward financial health" (Jayakumar, NerdWallet).

We invite all First-Gen/Next Gen college and graduate students to attend this interactive "Money Mindsets" workshop to discover the many ways our backgrounds and experiences shape our personal finances and how we can leverage our strengths more intentionally (yep, we all have strengths!).

Participants will be introduced to the different types of "money mindsets," learn about the strengths and growth opportunities in each, and identify strategies for financial wellness with Migdalia Gomez, (also a proud first-gen!). The session will also include overview of financial services, tools, and programming available to all Harvard students and their family members co-led by community engagement specialist Sarah Scruggs.

Q & A will be facilitated by FGLI leaders from across Harvard schools.

If you have any questions about this program, please reach out to

****Not sure if you're a Next Gen student? Here's how we're defining that term.

First-generation college students (P.S. If you have a family member currently in college, you still count as first-gen!)
First-generation graduate students
First-generation international students (If you are the first to pursue a degree--undergrad or graduate-- in the U.S)
Students from low-income communities
Students from underrepresented communities
Students who are undocumented, DACAmented, TPS or from mixed-status households