The Harvard Works campaign is a collaboration between the Harvard College Office of the DeanHarvard Student Agencies, and the Student Employment Office, the Harvard Works campaign seeks to celebrate on-campus employment and recognize exemplary student employees who are a part of Harvard’s vibrant work community.

Harvard Works seeks to provide all students with information about the multitude of work for pay opportunities that are available on campus, in addition to the information students already have about fellowships, internships, and other opportunities for leadership development and personal growth.  We encourage students who wish to pursue these work for pay opportunities to reach out to campus employers or the Student Employment Office for additional information.



"Celebrating the non-traditional elements of our personal stories may not always be an obvious strategy when recruiting, but it can be an incredibly effective way to differentiate yourself in an interview process.  Even what may seem to be unrelated experience (in my case, it was working 30+ hours a week bartending and waiting tables in college) can help an interviewer learn important information about a candidate's tenacity, drive, grit, conscientiousness, etc.  Staying true to your past and authentically 'owning' your experience can also help demonstrate transparency and build trust with an interviewer."

-Johann Shudlick, Global Head of Diversity Recruiting at Goldman Sachs