In celebration of National Student Employment Week and the launch of the Harvard Works campaign,

these 24 students were selected to be profiled from a pool of over 1,000 unique nominations for their outstanding work on campus! 

  • Ana Andrade

    Ana Andrade, '19

    "Dorm Crew, more than anything else, has taught me great time management and leadership skills."

  • Tout Lin

    Tout Lin, '19

    "The level of interaction with the resident deans that I've gotten through my job has been invaluable to me."

  • Christy Cheng

    Christy Cheng, '19

    "The idea of helping other people get better at a craft that I love is incredibly fulfilling and meaningful for me."

  • Jordan Hayashi

    Jordan Hayashi, '18

    "I've learned so much from the rest of the team at CS50 because every person comes in with a unique skillset."

  • Samuel Becker

    Samuel Becker, '17

    "My employment has really helped me learn how to balance school, friendships, and work."

  • Thang Diep

    Thang Diep, '19

    "My employment lets me do service for a stipend, so I don't have to choose between working and pursuing my passion."

  • Maria Burzillo

    Maria Burzillo, '20

    "I was a varsity athlete in high school and I like being an active individual, so a fitness instructor was the perfect role."

  • Lorena Aviles Trujillo

    Lorena Avilés Trujillo, '17

    "Being financially independent is important to me, and my job has introduced me to people who became my mentors and friends."

  • Berkeley Brown

    Berkeley Brown, '18

    "My job is a great supplement to my academics and allows me to get another perspective on student life at Harvard."

  • Leo Fondriest

    Leo Fondriest, '19

    "Hitting a $3 million budget is something I'd never do in a class, but at HSA, it's real and I am responsible for its success."

  • EvanMcKay

    Evan Mackay, '19

    "My job is the way for me to engage personally in helping to create the safe campus that I want to be a part of."

  • AnaOlano

    Ana Olano, '19

    "Through my job I've gained valuable leadership and marketing strategies for when I go out and start my own business."

  • KemiAkenzua

    Kemi Akenzua, '20

    "Through my job I've met so many people, including graduate students who've exposed me to topics I wouldn't have touched."

  • Paul Lewis

    Paul Lewis, '18

    "My job is a wonderful opportunity to meet faculty on campus and gain a new perspective on life outside of the classroom."

  • AlexJin'18

    Alex Jin, '18

    "The research that I conduct is on the illness I contracted as a child, so my work is of very personal significance."

  • Balsa Dragovic

    Balsa Dragovic '19

    "You'd never believe how many friendships start out from just checking out books for them."

  • Gigi Kisela

    Gigi Kisela '17

    "Even as an intern, my perspective was respected and valued, and that has empowered me to literally shape Harvard."

  • Forrest Lewis

    Forrest Lewis '17

    "My job is incredibly rewarding because it promotes energy sustainability and student advocacy voices on campus."

  • Kianna Goldsberry

    Kianna Goldsberry '18

    "My position is very unique, as I take care of African grey parrots for psychology research and built invaluable experience."

  • Eni Popoola

    Eni Popoola '17

    "I am a recipient of financial aid -- being able to tell donors how much they have helped is so powerful."

  • Sarah Toomey

    Sarah Toomey, '19

    "My managers are cognizant of my student schedule and I found a great community on top of having a job that meets my needs."

  • Robert Anderson

    Robert Anderson, '19

    "I hope to mentor the next generation of science students and instill in them the love for design that I have developed."

  • Micah Johnson-Levy

    Micah Johnson-Levy, '20

    "I've learned to be much more confident about my ideas, direct students older than me, and develop a dynamic work space."