About the Project

The Dataverse Network in collaboration with the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) are currently working on a two-year project to make data sharing and preservation an intrinsic part of the publication process. Funded by a $1 million Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant, the plan is to integrate PKP's Open Journal Systems (OJS) with the Dataverse Network web application. According to the project proposal, “The result will be to increase the replicability and reusability of published work in social science by improving the infrastructure for, practice of, and incentives related to data publication and citation.”

This collaboration will culminate in the development of an OJS plugin that will allow authors to deposit datasets and other supplementary files to a Dataverse Network via a Data Deposit API (SWORDv2-compliant) at the same time as they submit an article in OJS. This plugin will complement and/or replace OJS' current "supplementary files" option, and via the API will provide access to Dataverse analysis tools at the journal/article level. This will allow OJS and Dataverse to support seamless publication of data and articles together, and to support new forms of research data, readership, citation and analysis.

For more information please feel free to review our project Documentation and FAQ.


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