Praise for "Overtime"

“Berkman and Truesdale brilliantly reframe an essential policy question: Should we promote working longer? Convening experts across the social sciences, this volume illuminates growing inequalities and pushes us to consider the current realities for younger workers in assessing this question. Overtime provides an innovative, compelling, and critical perspective on modern work.”

—Erin Kelly, PhD, Professor, MIT Sloan, and Co-Director, MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research


“Americans work longer and have the shortest retirements among rich nations. How long can we postpone raising pensions by falsely hoping Americans can work even longer? Drs. Truesdale and Berkman bring together experts with an answer in this well-researched book.”

—Teresa Ghilarducci, PhD, Director, Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis


“As global aging advances, efforts by countries to preserve social insurance funds by delaying retirement age are challenged by increasing disability in less privileged workers. This authoritative and timely volume de-mythologizes work and retirement for older persons and provides evidence-based strategies for better jobs and financial security later in life. A must read for policy makers and employers.”

—John W. Rowe, MD, Julius Richmond Professor of Health Policy and Aging, Columbia University