Program on Experience Based Learning in the Social Sciences


Provide a modern data support infrastructure to Harvard programs and faculty that create experiential (or “active”) learning opportunities for Harvard students. PEBLSS will coordinate common interests in experiential learning and reduce common costs of effectively using and evaluating this type of teaching tool.


  1. facilitate faculty development of experiential learning opportunities at Harvard
  2. measure and enhance student skill attainment in research assistance/collaborative opportunities
  3. develop and house a selective internship program for social science students in positions outside Harvard. 

PEBLSS is designed to enhance existing Harvard institutions by providing scalable services predicated on modern social science principles and create new opportunities for experiential learning where appropriate. We will provide a common infrastructure and service base that speaks to the shared needs of an experience based curriculum. 

Recent initiatives

ABLConnect: Collection and categorization of activity/experiential learning curricula

The Resource Reservoir: Stop google'ing start researching. On stop shop for data sets, resources for coding, writing, presenting, and managing research and learning.

The Program on Experience Based Learning in the Social Sciences is a program within the Institute of Quantitative Social Sciences (IQSS) at Harvard University. We have received support from the Harvard Initiative on Learning and Teaching (HILT