Measuring impact

Face it. You try out this or that activity in class. Students enter your program and leave it, often when they graduate. But you don't know very much about how effective you or your program actually is with respect to your goals.

PEBLSS is working on several projects that will help change this. 

  1. Single sign-on system to survey students and research assistants. A crucial feature of the PEBLSS system is that it will enable panel data (measurements of the same person over time). This will be done in conjunction with Harvard Pin System and Qualtrics, and will not record identifying information.
  2. Easy authoring survey tool via Qualtrics, available through Harvard's iCommons
  3. Automated methods to easily pool together data from separate surveys, while maintaining linkages at the individual level.
  4. Work with Harvard Alumni Association to maintain contact with alumni, who can continue taking surveys and with responses linked to those while at Harvard.

With our system in place, you will be able to easily send out pre and post surveys, email your alumni, and other exciting opportunities, all with the ability to link data up at the individual level.