Welcome from the Editors


Dear Readers,

Greetings from the 2022-2023 Persephone editorial board! We are so delighted to continue our work on the journal, and can't wait to see what this year has in store for us. Our mission as a publication is to foster a community of passionate undergraduate students who think deeply about the classical world, and who wish to share their insights into the ancient Mediterranean. We will continue to be a platform that displays not only traditional essay scholarship, but also creative works that take the form of poetry, free composition, painting, drawing, and sculpture. This year, we will be producing a double issue, comprised of the accepted submissions from both the 2022 and upcoming 2023 cycle. Whether you are a prospective applicant or simply interested in browsing our collection of past issues, we are so grateful for your interest, and for your enagement with the magical realm of classical studies. We are certain that this spring's publication will reflect the wonderful passion for antiquity that we have come to associate with the Persephone community, and we look foward to sharing it with you. 

With best wishes,

-Fiona McFerrin-Clancy (Editor-in-Chief, Harvard College Class of 2024)