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Dear Readers,

It is with great joy that we present to you the Spring 2021 issue of our beloved PersephoneThis year has been full of challenges: we have missed the company of our peers, worried over the health of our families, and mourned the loss of many potential experiences while confronting the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the long months, when depair and loneliness have threatened to overtake me, I have turned again and again to the Classics as a refuge. While reading the fluid prose of Thucydides, the beautiful odes of Horace, or the firey orations of Cicero, I have experienced a sense of stability in a world that feels increasingly unpredictable, and have felt an intimacy with antiquity that was previously unknown to me. Clearly I have not been alone in this sentiment, as evidenced by the overwhelming interest that the journal has seen in the past year. The submissions we received were not only of high quality, but also demonstrated a wide range of scholarly interests that proves the delightful complexity of this discipline. Although the final selection process was a true challenge, we believe that the chosen pieces reflect some of the very best talent in the current field of undergraduate Classical studies. Through thoughtful analysis and inspired artwork, they allow us to engage with the rich culture of the ancient Mediterranean in new ways and provide avenues for fresh conversation and interpretation. We are so proud to share the insights of these authors and artists, and we cannot wait for the safe return of community, when we may once more share in the magic of the Classics together. 

Please now enjoy flipping through the pages of the journal, which has officially seen its third year through to the online magazine format! Euge!

With best wishes,

Fiona McFerrin-Clancy, Editor-in-Chief (2020-2021)

Abigail Miller, Alex Spiride, Amy Lu, Clair Fu, Esteban Gutierrez, Ethan Arellano, Ivor Zimmerman, Orvin Pierre, Phoebe Suh, Ryan Golemme, Sameer Khan, Editorial Board  (2020-2021)




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