Your school has been selected to participate in a collaboration with the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This opportunity is designed to learn more about your school’s approach to personal and social development—by that, we mean activities, strategies, programming, and initiatives that are not focused on academic content. We want to hear from you about your interests, beliefs, and any innovative practices that you have used to build this set of skills in students at your school. Please share your thoughts with us by completing a brief anonymous survey using the link below. Your responses will only be viewed by our research team and will not be shared with anyone at your school. As a thank you for your time and participation, you will receive a $10 Amazon gift card once you have completed the survey. Please find the survey link and additional information below.

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Why is this important?

Recent data indicates there is great deal of interest in personal and social development, including formal and informal practices that support social and emotional learning, bullying prevention, character education, conflict resolution, social skills training, emotional intelligence, and more. Yet, we know very little about what is actually happening in schools and the experiences and perceptions of those enacting the work of SEL. Without such knowledge, we are limited in our ability to identify and replicate best practices and to address everyday barriers that impede effective implementation.

We invite you and your staff to join us in our endeavor to take a deeper look at what is really happening in schools so that we may identify innovative practices and learn more about how to best support schools in developing personal and social skills.

What does the survey include and how will it be useful to my school?

  • The goal of the survey is to better understand how members of your school, including school leaders, teachers, and other support staff, think about and approach personal and social development. The survey includes questions about your approach and beliefs about teaching this set of skills to students, including the programs and practices that you are already using as well as the training and support you receive or would like to receive to successfully do this work.
  • By completing the survey, your school will be eligible to be featured in forthcoming case studies and online publications highlighting innovative practices. A group of schools will also be selected to participate in school visits from our research team to learn even more about the great work you are doing!
  • Your school will receive an aggregate, deidentified report of the data from your school, which can be used to identify successes and challenges, as well as opportunities for growth. Our team will also release a comprehensive report of the findings from schools across the country, which can be used to better understand what other schools are doing.
  • Schools will receive exclusive access to a series of webinars developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education about the science of SEL, core principles and strategies for integrating SEL into everyday practices, and adults’ role in building SEL skills.

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