Past Events

  • 2020 Sep 25

    Christopher Federico, University of Minnesota



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    Collective Narcissism as a Basis for Nationalism

    Christopher M. Federico
    Departments of Political Science and Psychology
    University of Minnesota

    Abstract: Recent work suggests that collective narcissism—an exaggerated, unrealistic belief in an in-group’s greatness that demands constant external validation—is a strong predictor of a variety of political attitudes. In the present study, we use nationally-representative panel data from Poland to examine the relationship between collective narcissism and nationalism. We first...

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  • 2020 Feb 28

    Ariel White, MIT

    12:00pm to 1:30pm


    CGIS S354
    Abstract to be announced
  • 2020 Feb 14

    Valerie Purdie-Greenaway, Columbia University

    12:00pm to 1:30pm


    CGIS S354
    A psychological intervention strengthens students’ peer social networks and promotes persistence in STEM 

    This talk will explore whether and how one social-psychological intervention, termed affirmation intervention, affects students’ social networks and promoted retention in STEM. Retaining students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields is critical as demand for STEM graduates increases. Whereas many approaches to improve persistence target individuals’ internal beliefs, skills, and traits, the intervention in this experiment strengthened students...

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  • 2019 Nov 01

    Deborah Schildkraut, Tufts University

    12:00pm to 1:30pm


    CGIS S354

    The Political Meaning of Whiteness for Liberals and Conservatives

    This study examines new open-ended and closed-ended survey responses among white liberals and conservatives in the U.S. to assess the role they think their racial group membership plays in how they think about politics. It then uses insights from those responses to develop and test a new measure designed to capture how white identity operates politically. To date, much political science research on white racial identity documents the links between white identity and right-leaning candidate and...

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