2010-2011 Workshop


In 2010-211, the Workshop will focus on the “Political Economy as Governance.”  We will explore the way the modern political economy has taken shape by defining “public” and “private,” “state” and “market,” and other binaries in particular ways and at both domestic and global levels.  In one reading session, we will discuss a selection of canonical and conflicting accounts of “state-building” and its political economic character.  In another reading session, we will consider scholarship that maps the issue across national borders, considering capitalism as a phenomenon that...

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August 31, 2010

Our new website is under construction, we hope you can find what you need here in the meanwhile.  Please email crosenth @ fas.harvard.edu if you need anything.  


In the fall, 2005, Professors Sven Beckert (FAS, Dept. of History) and Christine Desan (HLS) initiated a new graduate student-faculty research seminar on the Political Economy of Modern Capitalism. The seminar aimed to provide a forum for the intensive interdisciplinary study of capitalism with particular attention to it as an historically situated process of regulating social relations. The topic is unparalleled in importance. Capitalism predominates over much of the globe today. As a political economic form, it defines not only market dynamics, but governance structures and social...

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