The PoLS-T Team is so very pleased to announce the kick-off of the 2021-2022 Speaker Series with the September talk and LIVE Q&A Discussion!

SPEAKER: Al-Karim Gangji, Queens College, City University of New York (CUNY)
TITLE: 'Changing the Culture for the Love of Learning'
DATE: Saturday, September 25, 2021, 11:00am to 12:00pm EDT | RSVP REQUIRED

Al-Karim Gangji

Al-Karim Gangji will share his pedagogical approach and experiences of almost three decades teaching physics to high school students as well as teaching college students aspiring to become elementary educators.

Al-Karim H. Gangji, Ph.D. is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Physics Department at Queens College of CUNY, and a high school physics teacher at Herricks High School in New Hyde Park, NY. His teaching experience spans almost three decades, both as a teacher and as a teacher educator. Besides teaching Advanced Placement Physics C at the high school, his teacher education research at the college focuses on transforming preservice elementary teachers to embrace science and mathematics and prepare them as future STEM educators. During his spare time, he enjoys hiking and loves nature. He also plays tennis, badminton, soccer, and volleyball. His hobbies include stargazing, woodworking, photography, and cooking/grilling.


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  • Powietrzynska, Malgorzata, Gangji, Al-Karim. “I understand why people need to ease their emotions”: Exploring Mindfulness and Emotions in a Conceptual Physics Classroom of an Elementary Teacher Education Program. Cultural Studies of Science Education, v11 n3 p693-712 Sep 2016


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