PoLS-T Network

In July 2020, Harvard University held a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded online workshop titled 'Building a Network to Support and Improve High-School Physics Education' to bring together a group of secondary school physics educators, administrators and methodology experts to discuss the current state of high school physics teaching and explore ways to improve as well as address how to build capacity. The PoLS-T Network was begun as a resources to support high school physics teaching and teachers and is a result of that Summer workshop.

The PoLS-T Network is funded by The National Science Foundation and is a part NSF's Physics of Living Systems program.

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PoLS-T Network Organizers
Eric Mazur
Harvard University
Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics
Isaura J. Gallegos, M.S., Ed.M
Harvard University
Harvard Graduate School of Education 
Mazur Lab

PoLS-T Network Coordinator
Sara Bradley