October 2021 PoLS-T Network Talk Series and LIVE Q&A Discussion


Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Zoom Meeting

SPEAKER: Catherine Garland, Community College of Vermont

TITLE: 'Cultivating a Passion for Physics: Everyday Actions for Developing Your Students’ Physics Identity'

This talk will focus on the role of physics educators in improving students' own physics identities.  Learn how to help students construct an identity where they see themselves as physicists and grow their confidence in understanding its value and application in a variety of STEM fields. We will explore a range of pedagogical approaches from small teacher actions, to how lab groups operate, goal setting and planning strategies, and ways to integrate research-based interventions in the classroom. We will examine specific examples of research-based actions educators can take to help shape and nurture physics identities.

Catherine Garland

Cat Garland has a passion for teaching physics and supporting STEM teachers.  She has taught science for middle school, high school, community college and four-year college students and k-12 teachers.  Cat is a Master Teacher and Ambassador Lead for STEP UP: Physics Together, a national community of physics teachers and researchers who design high school physics lessons to empower teachers, create cultural change and inspire young women to pursue physics in college.  Cat began her career as an astrophysicist researching star formation in galaxies and is currently a Coordinator of Teaching and Learning at the Community College of Vermont.


CONTACT: catherine.garland@ccv.edu


STEP UP site: https://engage.aps.org/stepup/home


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