PoLS-T Summer Workshop: Using Physics Education Research to Improve High School Physics

Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2022 (All day) to Thursday, July 14, 2022 (All day) EST
Location: Harvard University

The PoLS-T network was formed in 2020 with the goal to understand the challenges in physics education at the high school level that impact the quality of high school physics. PoLS-T has begun a productive and focused conversation leading to authentic partnerships with teachers and researchers about ways to improve the quality and access to physics. The Network approach is one where classroom educators take the lead to create space for innovation and insights from current practitioners.

In the July 2022, PoLS-T will bring educators together for an in-person workshop to work on topics that propose to advance and support high school physics education in the US and internationally.

The PoLS-T Summer Workshop will be a small group of up to 25 participants. Invitation only.

PoLS-T Monthly Live Q&A with Julie Jungalwala, Harvard University and Institute for the Future of Learning | APRIL 2022

Date: Saturday, April 2, 2022, 11:00am to 12:00pm EDT
Location: Zoom Meeting

TITLE: Pandemic as Portal: The Human Side of Changing Education

SPEAKER: Julie Jungalwala, Institute for the Future of Learning and Harvard University

Julie Jungalwala


What if the global pandemic is happening for us, not to us? How might that inform how we make sense of our current reality and imagine what might be possible in education moving forward? In this interactive talk, Julie will highlight the changes that were already underway in schools pre-COVID and lead us on a journey of reflection and visioning as we continue to navigate this liminal time.


Julie Jungalwala is a coach and advisor to school leaders, educational institutions, and foundations whose mission is to shape the future of K–12 education. She is the founder and executive director of Institute for the Future of Learning, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping transform the 'one size does not fit all' model of education. The Institute works with a diverse range of clients including public schools, independent schools, public charter schools, and educational philanthropic organizations. Julie is also an instructor at Harvard Extension School where she teaches authentic leadership, change management and strengths-based development. She graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a master’s degree in Education, specializing in adult development, learning technology and behavioral change. Her book, The Human Side of Changing Education, was published by Corwin Press in 2018.

Contact Email: jwilson@the-IFL.org
Twitter: @JulieMargretta
Website: www.the-ifl.org/thehumanside

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