Women's Health in Sri Lanka

Women in Sri Lanka report a high desire to limit their fertility. According to the 2007 Sri Lanka Demographic and Health Survey (DHS), 20% of Sri Lankan women with one child report wanting no more children. The proportion rises to 75% for women with two children and 95% for women with three children. Female sterilization is still the most common method of family planning in Sri Lanka, and 16% of married women of reproductive age report having gotten sterilized.

Due to concerns around forced female sterilization, legislation was passed in 1987 to restrict access to women under 26 unless they already had at least 3 living children, and to women over 26 unless they already had at least two living children and their youngest living child was over two years old. This law created a greater need for temporary family planning methods, which is still unmet. PPIUD is a recommended option because it offers a safe, reliable, and reversible long acting contraceptive method for women.