Algorithms & Bayesian Forecasting in Everyday Life

Instructions to students for this assignment read:

Please find one story of algorithmic and/or Bayesian forecasting being relevant to people's everyday lives in a way they might not expect.   (Examples need not be strictly economic, and a sample qualifying story would be the now-infamous one about Target predicting a pregnancy.) Please format your entry as follows, and take care to avoid posts that overlap with what others have already contributed:

Title: [Title goes here]

Link: [URL to an article or website describing what you're contributing, from a reputable source]

Reputability statement: [why you think the link you've provided should be considered reputable.... a sentence or two will do, but please give us something more than "because I hear about this publication a lot"]

Comments: [include a paragraph or two summarizing how an algorithm or Bayesian approach is used, and your thoughts on the consequences]


During Seminar, we connected the student contributions to a diagram we drew and called "Derek's Day," shown here.

Derek's DayEventually, we cleaned the diagram up a bit... ;-)!

Derek's Day