Astrology Arumainayagam

Astrology deals with the study of how the movements and positions of planets and stars influence human behavior. Astrologist analyze the date, time, and place of a person’s birth and the map of the skies at that moment to determine their personality and make predictions about their future. Click here to learn more.

Because Astrology is based on the positions of planets and stars, the source of its predictions depends on deterministic inputs. Astrologists interpret the intricate patterns and movements of the cosmos, which scientists can accurately predict. However, astrology is not a completely deterministic study because there is a significant human element in how certain patterns are interpreted. An astrologist must translate what they know about the positioning of heavenly bodies at the time of a person’s birth to give advice or make insights about someone’s character. This “translation” is not set in stone and therefore the predictions made highly depend on the person giving them.

Although in ancient times, astrologists made predictions large-scale predictions that would affect society, today, astrology is mainly used to make predictions and give advice to individuals. People who are about to make a big decision or are at a turning point in their lives can go to astrologists to help them decide what path is best. Someone who wants to know their strengths and weaknesses could also turn to astrologists to get a better understanding of their character. 

Although astrology has deterministic features, it does not negate the idea of free will. According to astrologist Kathleen Medina, although astrology deals with the underlying patterns that govern a person’s life, it still allows for movement within these patterns.