Friends Revival, Katherine

I would like to know about the future: will Friends ever make a comeback? It was one of the most popular TV shows of all time – yet tragically ended after just a short 10-season run. In the near future, would the creators of Friends attempt a reboot of this iconic show?

Most people, or just those who fall into the narrow category of Friends fanatics, would go about predicting (or perhaps hoping to influence the certain outcome of) a Friends reboot by harassing NBC staff through letters, email, and calls despite multiple irrefutable ‘no’s until restraining orders need to be taken out. However, if I were to magically transport myself to the top of the ladder at NBC, I might begin to think about whether or not getting the gang back together for a Friends 2 was a good idea, and I would go about this in the following ways:

The best way to predict this weighty question is to analyze the television industry for similar shows in the past that were declared finished by the show runners, only to be revitalized soon after. 

The demand for certain shows changes year by year based on a variety of factors from political climate to film artistry movements. As I am not a Hollywood executive, unfortunately, I cannot comment on the possibility of a nearing demand for Friends 2, but a studio executive could very easily recognize the conditions that guaranteed shows such as Gilmore Girls Revival to be a success. 

However, this predictive system has its limitations; namely, that very few television shows, rebooted or otherwise, approach Friends in quality, following, or icon status. Therefore, Friends’ status introduces a level of uncertainty which means that a model predicting the return of, say, the X-Files might not be accurate when predicting the return of Friends.