What is going to happen if the population continues to grow? Will the human race run out of room to live?

1. What would you, personally, most like to know about the future? 

What is going to happen if the population continues to grow? Will the human race run out of room to live?
With population expanding at such a rapid pace, the world will eventually become overcrowded. Population density will increase and global warming, rising tides and increased severity of weather will cause the amount of viable land to decrease. These combined factors will accelerate the rate this problem shall approach, so it is one we need to begin to think of in the near future.

2. Think about ways that people (not necessarily you) anywhere, today, would seek predictive answers to the question you posed above.
Multiple questions must be solved before any prediction can be made as to what solutions we will pursue or what the outcome may be. First, there should be conducted a study of the minimum amount of space people will be willing to live in as the majority of the world’s population shall trend in towards urban settings. Second shall be the extrapolation of the population growth to find a population curve. These two things combined should give us the approximation of the amount of more space required to host life each year. Following this, a computer simulation will be needed to explore both the expanding requirement of space for habitation, and compare it with the decreasing amount of habitable land. Together, those two simulations should be able to accurately predict at which point the earth shall reach its “maximum” human population. 

Some may point to the fact that most of the world’s population currently exists in only a small portion of its actual topography. Well, we must also factor in the resource dependence of the increasing population, as well as the deforestation, pollution and overall mistreatment of the environment. One quote made me stop and think: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” And so far, we have done a grand job of ruining it, building a debt on the loan that we can not hope to repay before our time. Because of this, the debt and the beaten down Earth are both returned to our children—both burdens placed on their shoulders. All of this points to a time at which the human race will become overpopulated, and decline will be inevitable. To counter this, prediction of when this will happen is necessary in order to best plan for how to avoid this outcome, or at least how to mitigate its negative effects. 

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