How and when will we interact with extraterrestrial beings? Sacco

Extraterrestrial Life

How and when will we interact with extraterrestrial beings? And how complex are other forms of life in our universe? It is very difficult to imagine life with more complexity than ours and this question has always been of great interest to me. Alien lifeforms have so many unknowns and possibilities that it bewilders me just to begin thinking about the topic.


This question tends to be very difficult to make accurate predictions about, because it is something that hasn’t happened yet, so there is no previous data to build off of. This leads to few predictions, where most of them tend to be unreliable. For example, many mystics or self-proclaimed prophets tend to speak of scary or exciting prophecies regarding aliens. Systems such as this originated likely around the same time that prophets came into existence. This is not a system I would tend to use because there doesn’t seem to be any basis in fact or science, and it seems to build off a belief in the supernatural. I tend to stick to more scientific methods of prediction when judging whether it is a system I can trust or not.

However I can say that it is very intriguing to believe in theories about alien life based purely on prophets and supernatural ideas. After all, there is no way for people to know if these things are really not true until the date of the prophecy passes. I think that a prediction of this nature is something I would have been more likely to believe and adhere to when I was a child, where my mind was more susceptible to imaginative and less realistic scenarios.