Genetic Disease Predictions Sacco

Article: Gattaca Redux: The future of genetic prediction is here

Jason Fletcher,  for USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin Published 11:07 a.m. CT Oct. 19, 2017


Future Health Predictions Through Genetics

This article details how the science fiction world of Gattaca is becoming closer and closer to reality today. Particularly, it describes the dangers of predicting our health through genetics. As these predictions become more available to the general public, the article questions how long it will be until employers, romantic partners, or insurance companies can find this information about other people. With this information available interactions will be more influenced by predictions and things that people can’t necessarily control in the moment. Insurance companies can give different rates based on what your medical future looks like. Future health issues can also drive partners away, overlooking human connections. This is why I think that knowing your genetic future is something that I would definitely want to know ONLY if it is confidential information, with no way for a third party to access my info. In terms of the general population, I would tend to say that this is something we don’t want people to know so that is why I placed my shape closer to the middle. Obviously it could be very beneficial to know particular health problems in the future but the complications that can arise from such a prediction can also pose serious threats to your general level of wellbeing.